The support services are as followed.

  • Multilingual (French, English)
  • Telephone assistance from 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM (French Time) from Monday to Friday,
  • Email assistance,
  • Coverage of Level 1 to 4 Malfunctions,
  • Delivery of patches and workarounds for Level 1 Malfunctions,
  • Provision of corrective and minor functional Upgrades for the purchased modules / options, and
  • Analysis of improvement requests sent to the Support Service (by email).

PlannerOne Version Life Cycle

Ortems is using an agile development methodology, which means corrections and minor features can be delivered within a version lifecycle. We have implemented Automatic Test Robots for non-regression testing on each Build, in addition to Manual Tests.

Generally speaking, Ortems will deliver a new version of the product annually. During the lifecycle of a version, upgrades containing corrections of malfunctions and minor upgrades will be released, and patches may be released to resolve problems of malfunctions classified severity level 1 (“blocking bug”).

Ortems will provide support services for the current version and the preceding version of the product.