IGS GeboJagema, Growing Dutch Firm Leaps Ahead with PlannerOne


Leading maker of high-precision molds for manufacturers in healthcare, optics and high-end packaging. From glasses and contact lenses to asthma inhalers, insulin pens and blood diagnostic devices, IGS GeboJagema’s work can be found in products where extreme precision is vital.


IGS GeboJagema needed a way to meet the growing demand for its products.  With every product essentially a custom order involving dozens of steps and multiple suppliers, the company’s endless-capacity scheduling software was no longer up to the job.


PlannerOne© Production Scheduler & PlannerOne© Resource Planner

Integration partner

GAC Business Solutions

Key benefits

  • 15% reduction in late deliveries
  • Improved planning accuracy & production efficiency
  • More agility
  • Better decision-making on a day-to-day, hour-by-hour basis

We couldn’t manage without it. I could not imagine doing what we do with the old system anymore. We’re a much more agile company now.

Rob Van den Brand, Chief Technology Officer

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