Federn Dietz optimizes warehousing with PlannerOne© Production Scheduler

The company Federn Dietz GmbH is working in the field of precision springs, wire and strip formed parts, assembly groups and installed items since 1928. Federn Dietz is the leading supplier of several reputable companies in various industries such as automotive, electrical and medical engineering as well as white goods.


Federn Dietz is a leading supplier of precision springs, wire and strip formed parts, assembly groups and installed items for automotive industry, electrical and medical engineering


Automated planning for machines, tooling systems and add-on assemblies in the production dependent on capacities and due dates as well as the visualization of the data


PlannerOne© Production Scheduler

Integration partner

Business Systemhaus AG

Key benefits

  • High quality production data;
  • Process optimization;
  • Reduced overproduction;
  • Optimized material disposition;
  • Improved responsiveness

The opportunities arising from PlannerOne Production Scheduler namely the optimized production planning and scheduling as well as the great visualization of the manufacturing data represent a genuine quantum leap for Federn Dietz

Peter Reuth, Head of Production Planning

The employees of Federn Dietz benefit in particular from the high-level of user-friendliness the PlannerOne© Production Scheduler offers

Gerhard Grasser, Specialist of ERP-based Production Planning with PlannerOne©

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